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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Non Dualistic Healing 101 through “A Course In Miracles”     
by:  David Ott, M.Ed.

My methods of healing and spiritual awakening are founded on the philosophy of “Non Dualism.” This philosophy is also the foundation of Buddhism, the early and original philosophy of Christianity, “The Infinite Way” healing philosophy of Joel Goldsmith, as well as “A Course In Miracles.”

 “A Course In Miracles” summarizes this non dualistic philosophy early in the text with this simple statement           
                              “Nothing real can be threatened.  
                               Nothing unreal exists.
                               Herein lies the peace of God."  (acim.T.Intro.)                          

 I further clarify this “Non Dualistic” philosophy in this way;

 “There is only One Power in this universe and beyond, an Eternal Power of Good or God (Love). Nothing outside this power is eternal and therefore real or true. The world, people, and universe we seem to perceive with the five senses of our mind, body, emotion, or ego self does not last, continually changes and is, by this definition, NOT REAL. It is a dream, illusion, or appearance only, not the truth and can have no real power over our True, Spirit, or Eternal Self.”

 We give the dreams or the illusions of this world the power to frighten and hurt us mentally, emotionally and physically by the attention, belief, reaction and resistance we express towards it in any number of ways, especially through attacks & defenses like criticism, judgment, blame, and anger. Once we give this ego perceived dream our belief, attention, and reaction, we then give it the power to frighten and hurt us.

 The way we take away the power of our ego’s dream to frighten and hurt us is to DENY ITS TRUTH OR REALITY. In “A Course In Miracles” definition, this is called atonement or “undoing the ego.”

 Very simply, we atone for or undo the seeming reality of our ego’s dream, a dream that appears to have the power to frighten and hurt us, through the process of “Quantum or Authentic Forgiveness.” It is a process that we practise in an ongoing way to DENY or OVERLOOK the seemingly frightening and painful perceptions of our ego, mentally, physically and emotionally. We can accomplish this process only with surrender and a willingness to seek help from the Healing or Holy Spirit within our own consciousness. It is not a process that we can undertake or achieve alone. Our role is merely to experience and reveal the seeming pain and fear without defense or resistance. It is the role of the Healing Spirit within us to HEAL it. After we experience without resistance and reveal our unconscious pain and fear when it surfaces, we then must quickly ask for help from the Healing Spirit and offer the appearances of any perceived pain and fear to this Healing Spirit to remove it from our perception. Try and follow the Forgiveness Process below whenever any unconscious guilt, pain, and fear surfaces. This Forgiveness Process will eventually heal, release, and undo this unconscious guilt, pain and fear. You will then automatically and without effort awaken from your ego’s dream of separation and fear to experience the Peace, Power, Joy, & Love of your Spiritual Identity.


 1. Whenever you experience pain, fear, or discomfort of any kind, try and locate this experience physically somewhere in your body, probably in your heart or abdominal area.

 2. Then breathe and relax into this physical discomfort. Let go more and more fully into this experience of pain and fear within on every out breath. This is the process of surrender and giving up resistance.

3. When your fear-based resistance has relaxed to some degree, in other words, when you are able to relax somewhat on your out breath, address the pain and fear with these words:“You are an appearance only, not the truth. I will give you no power over me.” (DENIAL) (From “The Infinite Way” by Joel Goldsmith)

 4. Then ask for help from the Healing Sprit with these words: “Healing or Holy Spirit, I ask You to help me accept without resistance or judgment and overlook with compassion these parts of me not of love (fear) that have been activated and reflected in my dream of separation here. I willingly give these fear-based appearances to You to dissolve into the nothingness from which they were born.”

 5. If appropriate, address any person who many have activated and brought to the surface this pain and fear within you with these words: “You and the pain and fear I experience are projections from within my own unconscious mind. I asked, from the unconscious level of my mind, for this opportunity to forgive and release it. You have played perfectly the role I asked in this, my healing drama. Thank you. There is really nothing to forgive. In truth, like me, you are Christ (Spirit) innocent, pure and Holy. All is forgiven and released.”

 6. Finally, take time to be still, relax, and surrender all your desire and control to this Healing Spirit within you. Trust It to accomplish the necessary healing miracles you have requested. Use these words: “This Holy Instant I give to You. Be you in charge, for I would follow You certain your direction will bring me peace.” (acim.W.L.365) Then: Be present. Be still and Surrender. Wait, Watch, and Listen for the “Thunder of Silence,” The Mystical Experience of God Presence and your Inner Voice. Goldsmith:“InfiniteWay” Now breathe and relax on every out breath. Take a few minutes to be still, let go, and sink heavier and
deeper on every out breath. Repeat: “I will be still an instant and return home."(w.l.182)


This process is a simple one, yet because of our fear and resistance to giving up control, very difficult.


 Try and keep in mind constantly that this process of Atonement (ego undoing) through Forgiveness is our only important and real function in this world. (acim.W.L.-115)

 In addition, that the healing (releasing inner pain & fear) of God’s Son/Daughter is all this world is for(acim.T-24.VI.4.)

The only reason these two important functions can be accomplished is that the world and people we experience here are projected, like a dream, from within our own conscious and unconscious mind. This gives us the unique opportunity to see, experience and heal or release all the unconscious pain, fear, and guilt buried within us. This is the cloud of pain, fear, and guilt that separates us from our Spiritual Identity, who we really are, Divine Spirit, at Peace and Eternal.

 Our ego wants us to believe we can find the peace, love, security, and happiness we seek from the people and world we see outside us through our relationships, and various accomplishments. Over time and through many painful experiences, we eventually come to learn that this is a lie. “A Course In Miracles” states the real truth in the following quote:

 “Nothing outside yourself can save you; nothing outside yourself can give you peace. But it also means that nothing outside yourself can hurt you, or disturb your peace or upset you in any way.” (acim.W.L.70.2)

Your ego mind will never accept this. Only through the ongoing practice of “Authentic Forgiveness” will its truth eventually be revealed to you through your own experience.