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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meditation, Purpose,Process & Practice

About Meditation, Further Comment:

I'm really happy to hear you understand a appreciate some of the advantages offered by meditation and the awakening of the right-brain or intuitive part of our unconscious mind. I did not realize you had explored this facet of your identity. I know that if you continue to be drawn into this process of STILLING the mind, body or emotion (ego self) you will continue to find increased freedom from fear and anxiety in your life.

Personally I do think it is important to link the peace you begin to experience with ego surrender or meditation to the understanding that you are awakening to the spiritual or eternal part of your identity where we are universally connected to everyone and everything we experience here in what "A Course In Miracles" would call our "DREAM of Separation and Fear." This is what the movie, "The Matrix" was trying to teach us, what the Buddha discovered through meditation and more recently what Quantum Physics has concluded with its experiments. See the DVD "What The Bleep" if you are interested in these kinds of concepts. Very simply its says that we hold matter, or this world into place with our attention, and like the Buddha said, what we see, hear, touch, taste or smell with our five senses is an appearance only, a dream and not real at the level of Eternal Truth. That is why when we put our trust in our ego constructed world or dream (maya) we feel so separate, lost and fearful at times.

When we mediate and connect with our Spiritual or Eternal Identity, even for moments, we feel deep peace because in these moments we are connecting with Infinite Peace, our True Identity and beginning to wake up from our dream that we are separate from each other and from our Divine or Spiritual Self. It takes time and patience to meditate enough to break the ego's hold and begin to awaken more and more fully to our True Identity as Spiritual Beings, all connected through a Divine Energy Source often referred to as Love or God. I urge you to press forward with "Patient Persistence" because in the end, this awakening from our dream and the discovery of our Spiritual Identity is the greatest gift a lifetime in this world offers us. Eventually we will all learn this lesson and find our way back Home to our Divine or Eternal Truth. If you are beginning to explore meditation already, then you are well on your way. You will only come to believe in your Spiritual Identity by actually EXPERIENCING its Peace and Love (Gratitude) through mediation and ego (mind, body, emotion) surrender. Remember we are drawn to this path only when we are ready, so do not beat yourself up if you are not. As soon as you are ready, I urge you to find your own meditation teacher or group to encourage and support this road or path that, in this dream, is THE ONE LESS TRAVELLED.

In groups, stilling the mind, body, emotion self is often easier and you can find a deeper sense of inner stillness and peace.  Once again I suggest that you copy one of the meditations on my web site into your mp3 player and listen to it lying down with ear-phones. The "Layers Of Self," short power point show on my web site (link below) might help you to more fully understand the purpose, process and practice of meditation.

Good Luck and "May the Force be with you!"

David Ott,

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