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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Soul Mates and Healing

"Projection makes perception," which means that no matter how difficult it may be for us to accept, the persons or things we see outside us always reflect, mirror or activate what we hold within our own consciousness. By accepting without judgment and overlooking with compassion the parts of our consciousness not of love, (fear) being reflected or activated in our dream of separation here, -in another- the real definition of, "Authentic Forgiveness," we can release or heal the pain and fear within us that hides and blocks us from experiencing the Spirit or Love within, our real identity. A Soul Mate is anyone we meet on our journey through life who brings the pain and fear within our consciousness to the surface where it can be released and healed through the kind of "Authentic Forgiveness" defined above. "A Course In Miracles" clarifies our purpose here very simply: "the healing of God's Son is all this world is for;" and "forgiveness is our only function here." Unfortunately most of us think the purpose of a relationship is to give us support and love. With these expectations, when our pain and fear is reflected or activated, most often we react with blame and anger towards the person in front of us instead of forgiveness. In truth, the real purpose of a relationship is to help us release the pain and fear within us through "Authentic Forgiveness." Whenever we do, the Spirit or Love within us, our real identity, is awakened.

David Ott, M.Ed.
Nov. 2014

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